Re-Gathering The Church

Our mission at Mount Hermon Church is “Seeking to grow for the glory of Jesus Christ” and we do that by Knowing Christ, Growing in Christ, and Serving Christ“. We believe that even in these unique and challenging times, God is calling us to continue to know Him, grow in Him, and serve Him. How we do that, however, will look a bit different, at least for the near-term. Here’s how Mount Hermon is meeting this challenge head-on:

Our Leadership:

Our Pastor, Board Members, Staff and Ministry Leaders are staying connected and doing their best with God’s help to respond to a challenging situation. As things unfold, they are committed to seeking God’s will and wisdom in leading our congregation through this trial into what we believe will be a season of spiritual renewal.

Know: Worshiping Christ

We are now meeting in person for Worship at 10:30 only. We provide one section of seating that allows groups of people who are already gathering with folks to sit together and another section that is set apart for those still looking to physically distance themselves. Hand sanitizer is provided as well as masks. Masks are suggested but not required. Again, we urge folks to take precautions and not come in person if ill.
For those who are not yet ready to resume in person gathering, we completely understand. We will continue to offer an online streaming of our services, both on our Facebook Page and our YouTube Channel.
Grow: Growing In Christ
Having limited opportunities to gather in person reminds us that ultimately, we must accept personal responsibility for our spiritual growth. No amount of church services or events will help you grow if you don’t have the desire. We are committed to helping you identify and take next steps to grow in your relationship with Jesus.
Our groups are in the process of resuming gathering, while still maintaining physical distancing. 
We still have volunteers committed to reaching out to each family/household in our congregation on a weekly basis to see how we can pray for them, help them, and be of assistance. If we don’t have your contact info, now is the time we need it most.

Go: Serving Christ

In this season of precautions, serving others is going to look different. However, we continue to look for ways to make an impact in our communities, region and beyond. Our Missions Team is working to provide emergency food assistance to folks in need. As the full health, psychological, and economic effects of this crisis have yet to be understood, we stand ready to help our local community, and share the love and message of Christ Jesus.
Additionally, now is perfect opportunity to study on spiritual gifts and with the help of the Holy Spirit and others, discern what your spiritual gifts may be and how God is preparing and calling you to serve. 

What You Can Do?

Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have against uncertainty and COVID-19, and yet is often tossed aside as just a given. We are asking you to pray for our nation, our community, our essential personnel, medical personnel, and others impacted. We ask you to respect the orders given by local and state governmental officials, in accordance with Scripture’s command. We ask you to continue or to consider supporting Mount Hermon with your generosity as the Lord has prospered you so we can continue to impact people for Christ. Lastly, we ask that take advantage of this new normal to seek a closer walk with Christ Jesus.