Week 2: Mission @ Mt Hermon


Mt. Hermon Mission Statement:  Seeking to G.R.O.W. for the glory of Jesus Christ

Read Proverbs 29:18

1) How dangerous is it to participate in something if you do not know what you are doing?

2) This verse indicates that if people do not have a vision they cast off restraint. How can vision help you live the life that God is calling you to live?


G= Gospel-Centered Daily Living

Read Colossians 1:21-23

1) Once we chose to live our lives very differently. In Christ things have changed and we are called to be different. How has the Gospel of what Jesus has done for you changed the way you daily live you life?

2) What is the potential impact of choosing to live the life that God is calling you to live on a daily basis?


R= Reaching Out to Others

Read Matthew 28:19-20

1) How are you currently obeying the command to go into the world and make disciples?

2) Do you expect that everyone you share God’s love with will automatically want to follow Christ? Be encouraged to faithfully love and reach out to others today and trust God with the results. Sometimes you plant, sometimes you harvest. But God is responsible for the growth!


O= Obediently Following Christ

Read John 15:1-10 (Focus on verse. 10)

1) In what ways have you ignored the call to be obedient to what Jesus is calling you to do?

2) We have problems in this area. Where can we turn to when we have failed to obey Jesus? (Stop and read I John 1:9). After reading that verse trust its truth and go and seek to obey what Jesus says.


W= Worshiping God Together

Read: Hebrews 10:23-25

1) Why is worshiping God so important?

2) How is worshiping God together with other followers of Christ different than worshiping God on your own?