Week 2: What He Does in Us and Through Us


Read Romans 5:1-5


1) Through the work of the Holy Spirit we receive hope to help us overcome difficulties that we face. In what areas of your life do you need hope to be refreshed? Spend some time praying and asking the Holy Spirit to pour God’s love and hope into those areas.

2) Are you able to rejoice in your sufferings? How are you trying to live apart from the work of the Spirit in your life?


Read Romans 6:17-23


1) There is an aspect of us becoming more like God that is based on the choices we make. How have your choices hindered the Spirit’s work in the past week?

2)What choices will you make today that will lead to “fruits of righteousness”? Allow the Holy Spirit to use the truths in this passage of Scripture to spur you on to faithfulness and fruitful living.


Read Romans 12:4-8


1) How can you use the gifts that God has given you to help build the body of the church and accomplish the mission God has given us?

2) Why do we place greater importance on one gift over the other? If they all are used together in order to accomplish God’s purposes why do we take some people’s gifts for granted?


Read Galatians 5:17-23


1) The Fruits of the Spirit are expected to be produced in our lives if we are following Christ. What obstacles are preventing them from growing in your life?

2) We cannot force the fruits of the Spirit; they are a natural result of staying connected to Jesus and living out our faith on a daily basis. How will you seek to stay connected today?